Bukky Ajadi

Bukky Ajadi has two degrees- English and religious studies and law from the University of Ife, Nigeria. She joined the Oyo State Judiciary in 2004 and is currently the chief registrar Customary Court of Appeal, Oyo State.

Bukky is passionate and driven by a vision of creating opportunities for women and the girl child from her plethora of experiences garnered on the bench. Her passion is not a feminism fight, but that which is fuelled by the need for the humane treatment of women and the girl child. She has delivered papers on human trafficking especially on child labour; young girls as victims of baby factories and the role of poverty; lack of knowledge and poor education in these instances.

Bukky intends to impact positively on AfriWomen for Entrepreneurship Initiative by providing the necessary support towards alleviating the hardship of women and the girl child accordingly. She is married with children.


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