Lanre Akinseye

Engineer Lanre Akinseye is a graduate of Metallurgical and Material Engineering from the Federal University of Technology Akure; a chattered engineer; and member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. He is also an entrepreneur and businessman. He is currently the Head Marketing Winteck Nigeria Limited and a board member of Kamen Aggregates and Construction limited.

A big advocate of gender equality, Lanre believes that everybody should be allowed to seat at the table regardless of their gender. From his favourite saying that ‘it is not so much as where we are, but where we ought to be’, it is unsurprising that he is always passionate about helping others, especially underprivileged women whom he believes that given the right opportunity will reach their goals. This mindset is what he is bringing to AfriWomen.

Lanre likes reading, outdoor activities like camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and travelling. He is married with children.


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