Counselling During the pandemic

We offer counselling with a team of psychologists and local partners. AfriWomen is providing telephone follow-up for psychosocial support.  COVID-19 is characterised by a lot of uncertainty that causes anxiety and stress.  Surviving the pandemic also requires isolation which is extremely unbearable for many.  We are ensuring that we work with empathy and grace in all our approaches.

Some testimonials from participants: 

“I am glad that I attended AfriWomen COVID-19 awareness programme because it clarified many information circulating about COVID-19.”

“I am Theresa and a farmer. I am a beneficiary of AfriWomen since 2018. Notwithstanding the difficulty of getting to my farm, AfriWomen came to counsel, enlighten and empower me and my household and some other women in Lagelu LGA of Oyo state."

“I am a student. The lockdown period is depressing. I came with my friend for AfriWomen’s business empowerment and COVID-19 awareness programme. We had a good time.”

“God bless AfriWomen. They don’t know me, but they took time to talk to me about depression, anxiety and COVID-19 pandemic- myths and facts and how to stay safe. I got a care pack too.”


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