Distribution of palliatives

We aim to distribute 1,500 care packs. It is exciting that we exceeded this target by 230 packs, and that we touched 100s of households including in Osun and Ogun state.

Care packs deleivered to communities 


Notwithstanding the lockdown of state boundaries, we were able to innovate a responsible logistic channel to distribute care palliatives and cash provided by AfriWomen to diverse women in Oyo, Osun and Ogun state. Our partnership included Oyo state-based radio stations of Pensioners FM, Petals FM, Fresh FM, freelance staff of these stations and faith-based organisations. 


AfriWomen reaching out to women at Way of Bible Foundation 


Reaching out to women at Redeem Church


Cash aid to farmers at  Odo Ogun Area


AfriWomen entrepreneurs who live in areas challenged by difficult terrains were not left out. Our project workers and volunteers committed to reaching them against all odds.

As COVID-19 pandemic lingers, we extended the distribution of our care pack to vulnerable men and youths who are also at risk of hunger.


Other COVID Responses similar to Distribution of palliatives



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