Our History

AfriWomen for Entrepreneurship Initiative (AfriWomen) started in 2017 as Widows Lighthouse Empowerment Foundation. The experience of Adebukola, the founder, of being a widow’s child for nearly 40 years inspired the ‘Widows Lighthouse project’ which targeted the plight of widows and their children. Adebukola’s legal profession, life experience and the Widows Lighthouse work underscore for her the issues and challenges facing African women generally.

In 2020, Adebukola rebranded the Widows Lighthouse as AfriWomen for Entrepreneurship Initiative. It is her belief and that of the AfriWomen community, that empowering a broader group of women particularly, through entrepreneurship initiatives. This will not only promote gender equality but also facilitate the opportunities to offer information, advice, counselling and economic empowerment.

If you share these beliefs and want to make a positive impact, Join us at AfriWomen now!


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