April 1 The AfriWomen Welcomes the First Delivery of  her School Supplies.

The AfriWomen provides adult literacy and skills acquisition at their centres for free. For the 2022 study year, the average cost per starter pack school supplies for a student is N2500 approximately.

 Our centres are situated mainly in the urban slums of Ibadan metropolis. Our beneficiaries- women and the girl child are amongst the poorest in Nigeria. Meeting the starter pack cost for their literacy studies and that of their children is a lot and requires making tough decisions. 

The AfriWomen's experience of providing literacy services has always shown that if — or when — it comes to livelihoods like keeping a roof over a family's head, things like school supplies can easily fall low on the priority list particularly for women and the girl child whose education is considered by our patriarchal society has having limited value. 

That's why, from the inception of the AfriWomen's women empowerment programmes, we always provide free school supplies. However, this year, we wish to partner individuals and organisations who could assist our growing beneficiaries by donating back-to- school supplies. 

According to the founder of the AfriWomen Adebukola Oso, "school supplies is "pivotal or "paramount to daily study activities. Access to school supplies definitely increases classroom participation.

Help more women get a second chance at education. 

Donate TODAY, both your new or preloved basic and secondary school books including novels.  Contributions to printing of our exercise books are also very welcome. 

Call NOW on 07037504696 or email to make a donation. 


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