Message From The Founder

Dear AfriWomen Family, 

I hope that you and your families are well and staying safe during these unprecedented times.  As a result of the scope and the persistent severity of the Covid-19 pandemic, the way we work will be adversely affected. We are prioritising the health and safety of our members, beneficiaries and support staff. 


Nevertheless, we aim to continue supporting you all per Government, and local community guidelines in the prevention of any further spread of Covid-19. Therefore, we have implemented a continuity plan targeted at ensuring that our programmes will continue to run. Our efforts are even more committed to strive for and ensure that women are better equipped with adaptable skills to assist and sustain them during this period and its accompanying economic turmoil. 


To ensure that we are up to date with the pandemic’s impact, our continuity plan will be regularly monitored and reviewed. I believe that our core values of respect, integrity, diversity, humility and stewardship will keep us grounded in our approach. Furthermore, it will ensure that we remain committed to our mission: the empowerment of women through entrepreneurship initiatives.


I also strongly believe that in our diversity we are truly blessed with strengths capable of innovating ideas to achieve and sustain extraordinary feats for ourselves and our community in this difficult time.

We are grateful for all the support and collaborations that keep AfriWomen thriving. We also appreciate the opportunity given to us by our supporters, partners and members to be part of a compassionate community. It is my sincere wish that we stay safe, alive and in good health.




With your generous donations here's how we're responding to the COVID-19 in Osun, Ogun and particularly, Oyo state where we are based.

AfriWomen’s response to Covid-19


Distribution of palliatives

We aim to distribute 1,500 care packs. It is exciting that we exceeded this target by 230 packs, and that we touched 100s of households including in Osun and Ogun state. Care packs deleivered to communities    Notwithstanding the lockdown of state boundaries, we were able to innovate a responsible logistic channel to distribute care palliatives and cash provided by AfriWomen to diverse women in Oyo, Osun and Ogun state. Our partnership included Oyo state-based radi...


Training on sensitisation to COVID-19

We trained towards awareness and prevention. We trained 20 community volunteers and staff to carry out COVID-19 specific awareness campaigns. They host hygiene sessions to promote practices to prevent the spread of disease, especially in communities where water is limited.     We are innovating according to development. We are listening and innovating our approaches. With the persistence of the pandemic, curfews within states and extensions of lockdown between stat...


Community care and creating awareness

We are leveraging the position of trust and leadership that we have established in rural and urban communities to sensitise thousands of people to the realities of COVID-19 pandemic. Constantly our outreach campaigns are sharing up to date information on infection prevention, good hygiene and sanitation practices. Creating awareness and community care at Way of Bible Foundation   Community care at Odo Ogun   Some testimonials from beneficiaries:   &...


Counselling During the pandemic

We offer counselling with a team of psychologists and local partners. AfriWomen is providing telephone follow-up for psychosocial support.  COVID-19 is characterised by a lot of uncertainty that causes anxiety and stress.  Surviving the pandemic also requires isolation which is extremely unbearable for many.  We are ensuring that we work with empathy and grace in all our approaches. Some testimonials from participants:  “I am glad that I attended AfriWomen COVI...


Spreading love during Ramadan period

As the fasting period approaches, we have increased food distribution to the Muslim communities across Ibadan metropolis and we are running information campaigns in those communities also.   AfriWomen gives Care pack to Muslim community during Ramadan


Efforts towards SME’s sustainability

We never lost sight of the impact of the pandemic on SMEs and entrepreneurs. We have created a task force, composed of members from our working party on SMEs and entrepreneurship, to consistently monitor and assess the situation, consider how it affects operations including supply chains, logistics, grants, staff and consequently, threatens their income. We are using the outcome of our working party to support our AfriWomen entrepreneurs with innovative initiatives in areas including incre...


Agriculture towards food security

The United Nations stated that the number of people globally suffering from serious food shortages could nearly double in 2021 due to COVID-19 and its economic impact. COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the threat of food security in Nigeria. Food prices nearly doubled in just three months. At the onset of the raining season, we launched a revolving system to assist women farmers to secure more land for planting and livestock rearing, access quality inputs, strategise on the economy of scale an...

Testimonials From Our Impacts During The Pandemic



Packing Process for AfriWomen Care Packs

Short video of Volunteers preparing the AfriWomen Care Packs for distribution.

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AfriWomen Care Packs

An overview of AfriWomen care packs and some contents of the care pack.

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Testimonial from COVID-19

A testimonial from a beneficiary of AfriWomen care pack during the pandemic period.

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 “We are ‘alabarus’ at Bodija market. COVID-19 stay at home is hard for us because we live on daily income. Today my friends and I received these care packs. Thank you AfriWomen.”




“My name is Nike and I am a trader. From AfriWomen’s sensitising programme, I learnt how to keep safe while doing my business during this pandemic period."
“I am a student. The lockdown period is depressing. I came with my friend for AfriWomen’s business empowerment and COVID-19 awareness programme. We had a good time.”




“I am from Ikire in Osun state, I called in during a family programme on radio and received an AfriWomen care pack.”

Get Help   

Local hospitals 

Official help lines managed by State Ministries of Health- South West Region


State Phone number Toll free
Oyo 08095394000    08095963000 
08078288999    08078288800
Ogun 08188978393    08188978392  
Ondo   0700COVID19 (07002684319) 
0701COVID19 (07012684319) 
0800COVID19 (08002684319)
Osun 08035025692.   08033908772 
Ekiti 09062970434    09062970435 
Lagos 08023169485    08033565529 
08052817243     08028971864 
08059758886     08035387653

Source: The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)    Visit Website

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