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The very existence of AfriWomen is rooted in its members. Members share the common knowledge that investing in and empowering women in their enterprise unlocks a flood of opportunities for women throughout the world. The membership of AfriWomen is a strong and vibrant collection of diverse women with diverse experiences, yet of women who share the values underpinning our mission. AfriWomen members are both the think-tank forum and the key to actualising our strategic objectives.


It is exciting to know that we, women, are a secret weapon in the fight against global economic challenges. It is reassuring to know that equipping women with the necessary skill set and competencies, whether employed or self-employed, will result in the financial inclusion of women entrepreneurs in the economy improving and increasing.


At AfriWomen, this is a goal which goes beyond rallying for a more gender-balanced world, but one which introduces for women and the girl child an opportunity to learn and educate others on skills which can improve livelihoods, economic output and productivity.


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